About Astrelabe*

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Astrelabe* is Old French for the modern-day English “astrolabe”, an instrument used to approximate locations of celestial objects. The word originates from the much older Greek astron (star) + lambanein (to take), often termed as “star taker/catcher.”

Why is this intended-to-be-writing-based blog named after the word astrolabe?

Well for one thing celestial objects are of fascinating and deliberate nature. Stars and planets never seem dated, never lose lustre, never lose wonder. I can’t recall looking at Orion’s belt and thinking “eh—already seen it.”

The things we learn are often the same way—thoughts and ideas can sometimes move very fast through our consciousness, act elusive, flicker for a moment, and then be gone, even if in that moment they seemed epiphanous. This blog’s intent is to capture ideas and thoughts that are so often passing through our consciousness and to cinch them into a retrievable medium.

Astrelabe*  provides a space to house and keep learning from the things that come by way internally or externally, while improving on and perhaps finding a personal direction of focus in the area of writing.