How have they passed, these years so soon?
Wasn’t I just
that many years young?

Feeling empty inside me and out
Prisoner in this hourglass

The grains are falling one by one
time passes without my say

What will I do, with this time lost
this era drawing to a stop

I sat upon a rock, lonely and sad
crumbling myself in heartsick thoughts

But then a critter came hopping by
It broke me from my precious glass

“What are you doing!”, I first exclaimed
“I’ve only this time at my hands…”

“Silly silly,” it laughed and swayed,
“Time is not yours to vanish or gain.”

And it took my hand, soft and tight
it led me to meadows and starry nights
through colorful seas and crispy trees
where snowflakes kissed my nose and cheeks

Then it came up
close to me,
it snuggled right into where I breathe
“I have to tell you what I was once told:

Allah is High, He gave us all.
He can give it back the same,
and more than that we see

Nothing’s impossible. Not for Him.
This is not an end—silly—
It’s the beginning of Home.”