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“Hello? Hello?
I’m calling to speak to your heart
Is it up? Pardon me—is it too late?

“It’s never too late,” it says to me
gently, as it takes my call.

And I start talking without a pause:
I like you, adore you, I want to eat you up
—er, I mean because you’re cute…

To me, you’re like no other man
kind and soft, like tiptoe breeze
why, you make Canadians look even harsh.

You circle my mind, morning and night
few moments of dream with you
are fuller than a bed of clouds.

The way my heart crumbles
when escapes from you a single tear
I’d wish away the window between us
swallow you up in my arms.

Esteemed poet left me these few words:
Accept not the heart enchained by mind
And so I’ve summoned not you today
but instead your middle core.

Because, the moment
we really met
my eyes landed not on your able head.

They went
straight for your heart.