We live seasons
together, apart

Travel stories
of friends and fruit
between us two

You send patches of violet to me
and I, iris blues to you

that your eyes may feel
as happy mine
all at once, in one time

that we may live together, apart

We whisper what our minds see
and learn, back and forth
my right side paints worlds for you
your left opens paths for me

‘neath passing clouds
that cover my skies
then drift up to you
sending many water kinds

Yet how peculiar that all things
in time do not run alike
I see rain one day before
but the sun rises, sets
where you are first

And when Sirius rises, twinkles icy blue
its sits the same about your window sill

for some distances are larger than ours
worlds stand high beyond the stars

And from that point it becomes so clear
we both lie under a larger plane
where past, present, beyond
are all in one

where we live together
under highest Grace