12023016_10102103659077469_1558870465_nImagine this. Hope is a big net. One BIG one. It includes every person’s hope in the world and each of us is as a bird carrying one knot of the net up in the air.

If one bird dips and starts to let go, the net will naturally lower from a side. Crisply put: one falls, we all fall.

My friend told me his hope goes down when mine does and I used to be surprised wondering why should that be, what’s the connection? But there is one. We all have a connection we can’t see. Perhaps it’s faith? I don’t know. But I noticed when someone else I knew lost hope, I lost hope. When I lost hope, my friend lost hope because of me. So what do we do?

What would happen in the inverse? What if one person decides: “Okay no. There’s hope all around me, I’m gona keep it up—this is about all of us.” One side goes up this time. If more people make the same conviction, the entire net ends up staying higher.

People go through really rough times on their own as well as with each other, and it’s so easy to think the worst and make noise about it, but the question becomes: are words always the answer? Are there silent tools? Perhaps the conviction of keeping hope is it. It will help us, but also unknowingly help those around us. The people that lose hope with us are closest to us, and would hopefully rise back the fastest. It’s one more way to love one another.

We’re in the days of Dhul-hijjah, the best days of the year, and all around I see people struggling with such rough times. It can’t be coincidence. Surely it must mean something when everything looks like a storm could break out any moment. This seems to happen right before Ramadan too. Maybe Allah tests us in these times because He doesn’t want us to miss the opportunities of days like Ramadan and Dhul hijjah to turn to Him.

According to hadith, “there are no good deeds as the deeds done on these ten days.” Perhaps through difficulties, Allah teaches us that keeping hope is something we can do to benefit not only ourselves, but also those around us.